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Dead Snow (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Dead Snow (2009) A lone young woman runs frantically through the woods, pursued by someTHING. She stumbles and it gets her, making hungry zombie noises. Then it's off to a group of friends making their way to a secluded cabin. We later learn it was this victim's family cabin. The group of friends ride around in an inner tube tied to a snowmobile, which I guess is what they do for fun in Sweden. They also play a game of Twister. One of the girls goes outside and freaks out when she sees someone in the shadows. It's an old guy who wants a cup of coffee. He stays just long enough to insult them all and warn them that things are dangerous in the area. He even gives a long flashback story about the battalion of evil Nazi soldiers in the area. They treated the locals very badly for three years, until they rose up and killed them at the end of the war.The evil Colonel Herzog and his men escaped into the wooded mountains but became undead zombies for some reason. Perhaps because they were so evil?

The next day one of the guys is worried about his girlfriend not showing up yet and goes off to find her. What he finds instead is that old guy from the night before, ripped apart in his tent. That night the zombies attack the cabin. After one of the guy's head is ripped in two and the brains splatter messily on the floor, his friend exclaims "I told you we should have gone to the beach!" The best scene in the entire movie is when the guy on the snowmobile encounters the Nazis and ends up hanging over the edge of a cliff by some zombie intestines. Yet, the rest of the movie undoes this, as they are constantly referring to other, much better horror films. The movie is supposed to be a horror comedy and the comedy does not work so well. Maybe something is lost in the translation.

After watching DEAD SNOW I can say that there's no need for anyone to ever make another Nazi zombie movie, unless it's a sequel to the unparalled SHOCK WAVES. Even then I'd be leery of those dead Nazis...

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