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Death Weekend (1976)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Death Weekend (1976) Here's a decent film most haven't seen. The title is actually The House By The Lake; it was changed for most video released prints. This Canadian flick proves to be a good Last House on the Left clone mixed with some I Spit on Your Grave by the end. What better two movies to rip-off and borrow from, right? While Death Weekend doesn't pack the punch of either of these, it does have some decent, brutal goings on in it's own right. A couple meet up with four punks on the road and you can pretty much guess what's gonna happen after Brenda Vaccaro runs them off the road. The kinda cool twist here is that we find out early on that the guy she's with is just a rich sleazeball out to put the make on her at any cost and he likes to take nude photos of his conquests through two-way mirrors he's rigged up in the bedroom and shower. Rich or poor, he's nearly as bad as his houseguests that drop by and fuck up his whole weekend. The punks tear shit up, kill the guy, try and rape the cutie, and basically cause mayhem 'til the lady kills all four off in some pretty cool and intelligent ways. I say try and rape because I don't think it looked like either guy actually manages to make it all the way and these scenes come off kinda funny. I think she even liked the 1st attempt as she kissed the guy after, then slaps him. Maybe he had a small dick, who knows? Brenda's cute here, despite that harsh voice, and you get to see those lil' A cup tits a time or two. After that second piss poor rape scene, how do you fuck with both people jeans on, she starts getting even in a big way and knocks off all four in cool style. Like I said, it ain't no House or Spit, but it is a very good, brutal film. The ending will leave you wondering too as she think back about her would be rapist and the kiss they shared. Did she actually want that ugly fucker? Maybe she has forced sex fantasies? Who knows, I'm just glad I got to see those cute tits. Good stuff and a much better movie than I expected really.
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