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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) I was there on opening day for this underrated, classic Bronson killing fest. Paul Kersey is back in L.A.,living the good life with hot gal-pal Kay Lenz (just 35 or so years younger than Keresy, that dirty dawg!) and her even hotter daughter, played by Dana Barron. When hot daughter overdoses on drugs and dies, Bronson is called into action by the excellent John P. Ryan (from IT'S ALIVE and FUTUREWORLD) to eliminate drug dealers! Off Bronson goes, only to be double-crossed by Ryan---seems he IS a drug baron and he's trying to eliminate competition! Always liked the story to this one, some great one-liners by Bronson: when caught in someone's kitchen bugging the phone, the perp asks what he's doing--"Well, I was making a sandwich!" he cheerfully replies before dispatching the guy. Another scene has him holding up Dana's picture to a baddie---"I don't even know her!" the guy says. "I do," Bronson replies stoically, blowing him away! Many great shoot 'em up action scenes, sadly the only DEATH WISH movie with no nekkid breasts in it, although you can almost see Dana's goods in the emergency room scenes if you pause just right (I'm sick, I know!). John P. Ryan is excellent in his characterization as the victim turned bad guy, good acting and nice showdown with Kersey at the end. Reportedly, Bronson's salary was $4 million for this flick, more than it took to make the actual film! It shows, as much of the movie was allegedly being rewritten as they went along---the opening scene, while good, would fit better in a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET movie, where Bronson sees himself as the villain. It's cool but pretty odd. Also, Cannon recycles music scores from 10 TO MIDNIGHT, MISSING IN ACTION, and a few other flicks for the score in this one...pretty weird watching Bronson stalk to Chuck Norris themes, you know? The movie really skimps on locations too- there's a scene inside a "movie theater" that looks more like a Cannon daily screening room (because it is!) and watch out for all the Cannon plugs in video stores, including a Leatherface standup from CHAINSAW 2! I'm proud to say I saw this one in the theater, and it still holds up today.

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