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Demon of Paradise (1987)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Demon of Paradise (1987) This silly but fun rubber monster suit menace movie is set in Hawaii and takes advantage of the setting and the water. Fishermen using dynamite awaken the local legend/demon called Akua who soon begins taking revenge on their asses for disturbing his watery nap. Akua sneaks around in the water, killing fishermen natives, overturning boats, and generally causing mayhem. The local resort decides to use the monster, which they assume is just a myth, as a tourist attraction to save their floundering business. The publicity brings in more victims for the demon fish-god to knock off and keeps the sheriff and his lady scientist friend baffled. You know, these movies always have a few common denominators, especially when the story revolves around or near water. There's always a scientist that knows the truth, but no one believes. There's always a sheriff who is at 1st doubtful, but later becomes a believer, but still can't stop the fuckin' thing. Then, we always have a mayor, or business owner, or some person of high authority that doesn't believe what's happening and certainly doesn't want it to interfere with their racket that they have going, no matter who dies. You get all that shit here in spades, plus there's dynamite smuggling with the mob, a sleazy coke-head model that can't seem to sit still long enough for a photo shoot, but does pop her top and go for a swim eventually. I was surprised at the cup size for a skinny chick. You gotta love her line when asks her photographer friend about getting a movie role and being taken as a 'serious actress'. Good luck toots. Basically, this flick is fun and rolls along well enough to chew away 90 minutes of your brain cells. Akua seems bullet proof, has the strength to yank a chopper out of the shy, even though he looks about 5'10', and withstands the onslaught of the Hawaiian National Guard. There's little blood here, but it's still funny to see what this goofy looking creature will come up with next. It looks like a cross between the creature from the black lagoon, a bull's head, and a dragon. Once the beast is tracked to its lair after being caught out in the morning sun (which it hates), poor old Akua soon gets blasted to bits by a barrage of hand grenades. One didn't do shit to the beast, but 10 at once must have been a little hard for it to swallow. All we see in the end is the tail floating away, perhaps for a sequel that never came. You won't be disappointed in this demon if you check nearly all your intelligence at the door, it's fun for a view or two. Damn, I forgot to mention that crazy beast egg hunt the resort sponsors to give away a vacation in paradise. Would that be called a Beaster egg hunt?
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