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Descent: Part 2, The (2009)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Descent: Part 2, The (2009) "The Descent: Part 2" offers up more confined, cave-mutant fun as we pick up right where the first one left off with the apparent lone-chick survivor appearing blood caked and frenzied on a wooded stretch of road after her escape (keep in mind, the begining scene will make more sense if you just disregard the European 'downer' ending). She is hospitalized with no memory of what exactly went down during her and her friends' all-girl spelunking avocation, but there still happens to be several ladies still down in the shafts that need to be found. They take the battered, disconcerted woman back in with a new batch of chumps, completely unaware of the large populace of cave-dwelling carnivores located in the previously unexplored depths... One thing about that - how the HELL does she not have ANY recollection of the horrors that she experienced in the cave?! Nadda! And since she somehow doesn't remember jack-shit, why the fuck are they bringing this semi-catatonic chick along with them?! Why would she even agree to go along?! THAT bugged me! Anyway, the first body appears, heavily mutilated and you'd think this would be a pretty open-and-shut "rescue" mission chalked up to an inevitable bloodbath (personally, I'd be jumping to my own, possibly irrational, conclusions and bolting right the fuck out of there!), yet they push on further until the highly inept sheriff makes an ultimate "uh-oh" by firing his gun and caving the bitch in... Now, once again, it's feeding time for the territorial mutant albinos!

Plenty of neck-chomping, small tunnel crawling (for all of you claustrophobic pussies), shrieking creatures, and ultra-fast edited action sequences. Not a BAD sequel - as I really enjoyed it for the most part - though it wasn't a huge "leap" from what was going on in the original "Descent". Jump scares, blood spurting, and alpha-female heroics. Speaking of which, Juno returns as, a now, pissed off, ass kicking, barbarian-warrior-princess, kung fu master after only a few days! And with a wounded leg, no less! Who would of known?!

"Part 2" is a bit gorier than the first movie but, again, ain't a whole lot different otherwise. I mean, there were a few unexpected moments here and there that pleased me highly, such a rat-devoured corpse spewing live vermin and several curious costumers swan-diving into the mutant's giant toilet (followed by the #1 rewind moment of the year! Hilarious!). The end left it open for an obvious third installment that really offered a completely inane, incomplete "twist" without the faintest hint of explanation. It felt like there should have been a caption that read "To Be Continued". So, in my opinion, the series (yes, I smell a "series") is really going to have to advance the premise a little to keep it interesting. They can keep sending new folks into the deadly caverns, but to what avail? It would be wise not to over-use the confinement and jugular-gnawing angle a third time at the risk of totally wearing it out. Still, "The Descent 2" is a moderately effective and entertaining sequel...

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