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Dexter (2006)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Dexter (2006) This original Showtime series is a brilliant take on serial killers. Although I've seen movies where serial killers are killing other serial killers such as HUNTING HUMANS and GOREGOYLES 2, this handles it the best way I have seen in a movie or television show.

Dexter Morgan was taken in as a foster child when he was three by a cop (James Remar) who found him in the midst of a truly horrifying crime scene. This 'event' caused him to disconnect with humanity. When he's a kid his father catches him after murdering a neighborhood dog and then, when a teenager, these urges to kill are stronger. Because his father cares what happens to Dexter, he teaches him that he has to 'pretend' having emotions and being interested in things, in order to 'fit in' with society. His father also teaches him to kill under controlled circumstances, in which he'd never get caught.

In the present day his father is ten years dead and he works as a forensics expert for the police department, specializing in blood splatter patterns. His adoptive younger sister, Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter, who looks exactly like a young Joan Jett) is a detective and works at the same precinct. In fact, Dexter regularly helps her out with inside tips about murders they are trying to solve (since he's usually somehow involved with what they are investigating). To focus his killing urge, Dexter goes after the serial killers that the police are unable to catch. This incudes a Cuban man and his wife who smuggle and drown refugees for money and even a psychiatrist to convinces some of his clients to kill themselves. Dexter also has a girlfriend, Rita (Julie Benz of BUFFY, ANGEL) who thinks he is the most caring boyfriend in the world. One of the main stories continuing through the 12 episodes concerns the 'Ice Truck Killer', who neatly chops up and packages his victims and who knows who Dexter really is. By the first season's conclusion you'll be surprised who this other serial killer turns out to be.

Michael C. Hall (SIX FEET UNDER) gives a strong, multi-level performance as Dexter and the show also has Benz's best acting work to date. The show is also extremely bloody and will satisfy the most ardent gore hound, particularly when a pivotal scene from Dexter's childhood is revealed in a flashback. DEXTER is highly recommended.

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