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Dog Soldiers (2002) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

Dog Soldiers (2002) Guten Tag Fiends!

I've said it before, and I will say it again, I like werewolf films, and this one is pretty badass! What's not to like? You've got class wars( GI's versus Special Forces), you've got moral dilemmas (do you shoot a loyal dog to achieve your aspirations?), can you work with someone you hate to fight a common foe?, can anyone perform surgery with no training, and finally what the fuck are you going to do when faced with a pissed off menagerie of Lycanthropic killers busting down the door? This film answers all life's little trifles better than a shrink, or a Shel Silverstein book!

This film about a British troop on a weekend exercise as a war games bait for the Special Forces starts off rather ordinary. You find that one of its members was talented as he was a Special Forces prospect himself before failing on one crucial decision regarding direct orders. I think he made the right decision but moving onů

They come across the remains of a massacre in the woods, and it is none other the SF squad that was supposed to be hunting them! They come across the leader injured, and babbling. Now let's review this, an ENTIRE armed SPECIAL FORCES platoon is torn to shreds in the woods! What the hell could do this? Mossad? Spetznaz? Ewoks? Read on.

The troops find a cabin the woods carrying the "evil" special ops captain, and find a helpful maiden in the woods. Night falls and all hell breaks loose. A sergeant is gutted yet sewn or the like and is able to function. Jolly good mate, what a stiff upper lip!!! Werewolves are pissed off in my opinion to to get the SF Captain who nobody likes anyway. It's a siege! I love the part when some jack ass soldier throws boiling water into the eyes of a monster through the hole in the door. Nice move dude, that will really wins you brownie points!@ I laughed my ass off for five minutes at that! The SF captain survived because he was turning into a werewolf, the maiden was actually a werewolf, and the shite hits the fan.

The soldier in the kitchen single handedly fights a werewolf with his bare fucking hands for Queen and country without fear. This guy would whip Rambo's ass! Instead of shit himself, he throws hands with a werewolf and starts whipping his ass! Of course the werewolf eventually prevails, but the soldier dies without fear stating "I hope I give you the shits". I bow my head in respect. There is a show down of course between the soldier rejected from SF, and the now Werewolf SF captain, but you will have to witness that yourself.

HELL OF A GOOD TIME. Lets talk Blu-ray.

Video: 2 out of 5

Dark, dark, dark, and this is fine but not when expecting 1080p clarity. Stick with DVD, and put in bluray player for good result.

Audio: 4 out of 5

Howls, tearing flesh, and action are pretty clear and loud as hell. You hear all this low budget film was meaning for you to hear. Decent use of surround speakers.

Over all: 4.5

DAMN good time, worth a few return visits. This kicks ass folks, it just not blu-ray material. Stick with your DVD copy.

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