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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Dragon Storm (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Dragon Storm (2004) If you enjoyed the dragon fest REIGN OF FIRE then you should enjoy this, since it's nearly the same story but on a much smaller budget. During the opening credits we see these meteors hurtling past Saturn and then entering Earth's atmosphere, where they fall like shooting stars. But once they hit they hatch into these dragons-they weren't meteors at all but eggs. Then, these five dragons start to wreck havoc on the local populace. But since it's the year 1120 or so, there's just peasants and cows they feed upon.They do attack a castle and kill everyone except for the king (John Rhys-Davies) and several of his henchmen. They flee to a neighboring kingdom for safety and the king there allows them to stay-until this displaced king tries to overthrow his kingdom during the midst of the dragon attacks.There is also a huntsman (Mathew Caulfied-GREASE 2) who is coerced into fighting the dragons and a group of hunters he picks to help him. These include a visitor from the Orient and the king's alchemist, who has figured out a way to slay the dragons. If they fire an arrow into the creature's neck, into its gas sack where it produces flame, they can blow them up.But these dragons die way too easy, considering it's just spears and arrows against them. And you figure that if they come from outer space-and are basically aliens-that they'd have enough intelligence to defeat these primitive humans.And while I'm being nitpicky-there's a few things that just stuck out as silly or inaccurate. Why is it that in movies about Medieval times that all the castles and buildings look like ancient runes? They are runes NOW, not when they were first built 800 hundred years ago. They'd look new! Also, when the dragons are blasting apart the castle we see vendors selling corn-well, this is three hundred years before Columbus sailed to the New World-and that's where corn comes from. And when the alchemist is talking about the cunning of the dragons, that they have the senses of a wolf or a mountain lion-that would be fine, but there are or never have been mountain lions in ancient Carpathia-they are a North/South American animal. Those scriptwriters should do their research. But DRAGON STORM does have its good points. The idea of dragons coming from outer space is cool-and the special effects of the creatures are done very well.
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