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Duck! The Carbine High Massacre (1999)
Movie Review by The Drug Stuffed Corpse

Duck! The Carbine High Massacre (1999) Directed by: Joe Smack and Billy Hellfire


In Duck! we see the world through the myopic eyes of two sympathetic misanthropes who, despite their nature have forged a close-knit relationship. Duck! is as much about friendship and self affirmation as it is a poignant reminder of how malicious kids are to one another. And just as importantly: it is one fuck of an exploitation film!; it is Revenge Of The Nerds colliding with Heathers on a lunch-money budget. Hellfire and Smack are teenagers outside the penumbra of popularity and pop culture. We vicariously experience the absolute turmoil of their lives whenever they must interact with the 'popular kids'; their school, Carbine High is a beehive of apathy, where the status quo is dictated and mandated by the various cliques. Our two protagonists must run the gauntlet of taunts and threats every day, until a severe beating drives them both over the edge. Carbine is a retelling of a lecherous ratings booster/sound byte: Columbine High School. As entertainment Duck! is amusing and as a satire it is successful to a point. The actors stop, just short of breaking the Brechtian 4th wall; the duo of Smack and Hellfire not only break down the wall that separates the viewer from performer, they leap out and sit on your lap while winking and nodding in clandestine collusion. I expected someone to break into a soliloquy at any moment. The pair wax nihilistically and pine for anarchy. And then suddenly lots of people are dead. The real victims of the carnage can be whomever you can sympathize/empathize with more. However, it is paramount that you understand that the kids who fought back against words and fists with gunfire and explosions felt, in their insular teenage minds, that life was not going to get better (and they probably would have been correct). Duck! is an absurdist comedy about extremes. It is campy and fun, with many humorous and equally dark moments. Perhaps I am so jaded that nothing could possibly shock me, but I can see it disturbing many. See how you fare...

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