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Earth: Final Conflict Season Five (2002)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Earth: Final Conflict Season Five (2002) A lot of fans of the series absolutely hated the fifth and last season but I found it intriguing--and very weird.

The entire series radically shifts with the disappearance of both the Taolons and the

Jaridians. Renee Palmer, who is now the lead character of the series, goes back to where that hidden chamber was and wants to know if Liam Kincaid has survived. She hires a submarine crew to take her down there and they unwittingly unleash the Ativis.

Rather than the Taolons and Jaridians merging into a new species, their life-force has re-awakened their parent alien species, who have been dormant on Earth for three million years. They look like neither of the other aliens, more like hairy Cro-Mags from SLIDERS. They are predators and kill with these light razors that come out of their hands. With these they suck the energy out of a person. In later episodes they are referred to as vampires.

The leader, Howlyn, manages to escape with a few others and make it up to the Taolon mother ship with the help of Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores), who has managed to barely survive up there all these months. Being the opportunist that he is, he helps them in their plot to reclaim the planet.

Renee Palmer goes to the government and explains what has happened but no one wants to believe in yet another alien threat, so they treat her like she's crazy and try to silence her. Eventually, they believe her, but by then the Ativis have found a way to create hybrids from humans, hybrids who feed in the same manner, spreading the vampire-like need to feed. Howlyn, by the way, is also fascinated by Renee Palmer, and wants her as a mate.

There is one Taolon, sort of a ghost, who is representative of the entire species, and he mostly observes, though ends up being pivotal in the end of the series.

The most surprising thing is that William Boone (Kevin Kilner), the star of the first season, returns. He's surprised by everything that has happened and loses his sister after she's transformed into a hybrid. He and Renee have a brief fling, then he goes off to work in Europe and returns for only one other episode. It's later mentioned that he's killed in action.

Renee and her associates discover more hidden Ativis chambers around the world and try to stop them from re-awakening but then the war escalates as thousands of people are turning into hybrids. They come up with a cure, in the end, and also manage to convince the Ativis to leave the planet and return to their home world. This doesn't make sense because they are the parent species of the Taolons (whose world was destroyed by the Jaridians), so wouldn't that be the same planet, which no longer exists?

In the end, Liam Kincaid reappears, after being absent the entire season, and after they convince the aliens to leave Earth he convinces Renee Palmer to accompany him in his journey with them, out into space, which is "mankind's next step in evolution", to explore outer space.

SEASON FIVE is more like the short-lived series, PREY than it is the Fifth Season of EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT. But I must say they ended the show on the right foot and it was a satisfying ending for those remaining characters.

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