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Enterprise: Season Two (2002)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Enterprise: Season Two (2002) The second season begins with the cliffhanger that ended the first season, SHOCKWAVE. Captain Archer and Daniels, the temporal agent from the 31st Century, are trapped on an alternate Earth where the Federation was never established. Everything is destroyed and the city the find themselves in his a huge ghost town. The second episode, CARBON CREEK, is one of the most entertaining of the season. T'Pol, the female Vulcan second in command, relates a story in which her great-grandmother visited Earth in 1957. Then, in MINEFIELD, the Enterprise comes across some weapons left by the mysterious Romulans.

What I like is that this series shows the difficulty the crew faces with certain things the NEXT GENERATION Enterprise would not encounter. In THE CATWALK a wave of radiation is heading towards the ship---and because they don't have "shields" the crew must take refuge for several days in the most protected part of the ship. And in SINGULARITY T'pol has to save the ship when everyone else is passed out because of a black hole. Even The Borg make an appearance in REGENERATION, in which some of the Borg left over from STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT are awakened by a group of scientists who find them in the wreckage in the Arctic. They may be the whole reason the Collective knows about humanity to begin with. And the pig-like Tellarites are more of a presense.

The season ends with a probe killing seven million people on Earth and the ship is recalled back from their exploratory mission. Archer is contacted by the Sulliban, the green time-traveling aliens, and their mysterious benefactor from the future tells him who is responsible. They are called the Xindi and they live in a remote section of space called The Expanse. It is a very dangerous and unstable section of space--but Archer takes his ship and crew there if it means saving the Earth. This last episode changes the tone of the entire series from here on out.

I enjoyed this season more than the first, until the last episode, which seems like the writers' response to 911, which happened earlier that year. Now STAR TREK has space terrorists!

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