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Event Horizon (1997) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

Event Horizon (1997) "Liberate tuteame ex inferis"

I am sure most reading this have seen at least in part Event Horizon, but this Blu Ray version puts all other versions to shame.

A team of scientists and pilots in 2042 head out to the area of Neptune to investigate the disappearance of the Event Horizon with disastrous results, or obviously this review would not be on a horror site. Sam Neil (the omen 3, daywalkers) plays Dr. Weir designer of the missing ship, while Lawrence Fishburne (The Matrix series, CSI) plays the Captain of the ship looking for the Event Horizon. In order to understand the significance of the title "Event Horizon", we must look into the theories of black holes, singularities, and Einstein's space time theory. No one in the Cosmology (space-time physics, not make-up) field knows exactly what is beyond the entrance to a black hole, let alone to reach the singularity point of one. (If anyone out there does submit your application to the Pulitzer Prize for physics now!) A friend and former physics professor once said for all I know Mickey Mouse lives in there! Any back to the movie, many theories state that within a black hole time stops, accelerates, or bends time and space to form other dimensions of reality. Sam Neil's Dr. Weir has built a ship able to withstand the extreme gravitational forces at play within a black hole, and now that ship has reappeared after seven years of absence.

As the crew dock and enter the Event Horizon nothing seems right. No crew, but verrrrry disturbing video feedback as to what happened to the crew. The see something in the style of Hellraiser films. Did this ship find a portal to Hell, or something very close to it? Did the crew see some things that drove them mad? Now our new crew led by Fishburne is seeing horrible things too. The captain sees a young crew member from his past that was burned alive and could not save, Kathleen Quinlin sees a son who passed away coaxing her to follow him to very high unsafe ledges, in other words trying to kill her, and our good Dr. Weir sees a long neglected wife who committed suicide due to her loneliness. The ship seems to now be alive and evil after its travels though dimensional tracks of space time continuum.

The rest you will have to figure out on your own, as everyone will probably have a different take on this awesome Horror-Sci-fi story. Let's talk bluray.

Video: 4.5 out of 5

Awesome picture. The blacks of space are BLACK, which makes the two spaceships stand out in eerie detail. The frozen blood on the Event Horizon looks nasty as hell, this Bluray edition beats the DVD version by a mile. Very nice work. Must be seen to be believed how they worked this 1997 horror thriller. Ist Gut!!

Audio: 4 out of 5

The screams from the video images found on the screens of Horizon surround you with flesh tearing, eye gouging clarity from ALL angles. I heard demonic voices I had not heard before with the DVD version, or maybe they simply were much fainter. This helps find out where they might have gone, or maybe a pissed off Alien race, either way it sounds unsettlingly real. The desolate sounds of space, or the giggling of the dead boy doppelganger sound great, and rancid at the same time, the sound of cruel ignominious death in 5.1 HD lossless audio. My seal of approval.

Buy this film. Period. You don't have to be a physics major, or Cosmologist to enjoy this show trust me.

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