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Evil Dead (2013)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Evil Dead (2013) Director Fede Alvarez's take on Sam Raimi's classic horror film of murderous possession is definitely GOOD, not as much a remake per se as a different group of people finding the Book Of The Dead and bringing back the demons to posses them, but also...kinda sorta a very very very loose remake.

Definite EXTREME gore in it, a nice mix of CGI and practical for sure, even with the possession scenes, but thought it was all used well. No virtual fx called attention to themselves too much. Definitely strange how this time the 'demon manifestation' was in the girl who was the last victim (the Professor's daughter, I guess, seen in a pre-title sequence) as opposed to an 'unseen force' or POV whipping through the woods (which is also homaged nicely in the film a few times)...But for an 'R' rated movie, definitely MEGA VIOLENT with a chainsaw down the throat sequence and loads of other unsavory gore sequences which were quite saucy and should please diehard Deadite fans!

Better than the original? Naw, of course not, but still very nice "update" or "new character scenario" with the "Book Of The Dead" concept. All the actors were good, the plot was genuine and believable with the group of young adults trying to help one gal to "kick a drug habit" and everyone thinking she was just going out of her mind with the detox hallucinations at first. Nail gun scene was standout, and the sequence where the chick sawed her own arm off, OVER THE TOP, and again...there's many moments of sheer brutality in this movie that will make you cringe! Loads of self-mutilation like severing your own tongue in half, ripping your face to the skull with a knife...these kind of things! Also liked the BOOK OF THE DEAD and the way it looked this round, very wicked! Great scene where they try to burn it and it won't burn! Many good touches all around like this!

Overall, definitely one of the better remake-extensions in the genre for sure, though, and great soundtrack score to boot! Keep watching past the end credits and you'll find something really groovy!

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