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Far Cry (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Far Cry (2009) A group of military guys are on maneuvers in a forest. Or so they think. They are very quickly and methodically dispatched by something that seems like an animal. We never see what it is since much of it is through its eyes/point-of-view. The scene ends with a soldier's head pushed halfway through a metal fence. Then it cuts to a scientist (Udo Kier) who is delighted that this test went so well. He was testing a new biological weapon. Yet when he shows this "creature" to his funder, who has been dumping millions into the project, what we see is a freaky looking white skinned soldier with black eyes. He's asked to shoot it, which he does, and the bullets bounce right off its skin. Then it manages to break out of its chains and goes on a rampage before it's drugged into unconsciousness.

A newspaper woman, Valerie Cardinal (Emmanuelle Vaugier), gets a tip from her Uncle Max (Ralf Moeller of CONAN: THE SERIES) about what is going on so she goes there to investigate. In the meantime, they catch the Uncle sending the message and so use him in the next experiment, which will turn him into a mindless killing machine. Valerie charters a boat from a retired special forces guy, Jack Carver (Til Schwiger of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), who once served under her uncle. She convinces him to take her to the island, though things go wrong. They immediately capture her and blow up his boat, but not before he manages to dive into the water. He swims ashore and rescues her and there's a chase, after which they narrowly escape.

I don't know how this movie compares to the video game upon which it is based, but as an action movie FAR CRY is fun and entertaining. It doesn't take itself too seriously, there's good chemistry between Schweiger and Vaugier, and there's no stupid CGI monsters, which I expected from the box synopsis ("genetically engineered beasts"). It's also interesting that both the hero and the villain are German. This is my favorite Uwe Boll movie since IN THE NAME OF THE KING.

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