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Farscape: Season Four (2002)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Farscape: Season Four (2002) The season picks up six months later. Crichton has found another Leviathan that was in the wormhole. It's ancient, calcified looking and it went there to die. Crichton is trying to make the wormhole calculations and is a bit crazy, his only companion a service robot he calls 1812, which he treats like a dog. There he meets Sikozu, a female alien who is fleeing from her former employers. They follow her and try to hunt her down. Crichton keeps on referring to them as Klingons as that's what they look like.

When Crichton reunites with Chiana and Rygel--and when they find Moya they also find Scorpius and Aeryn, who is suffering from an illness. She makes Crichton promise not to harm Scorpius because he's the one who saved her life and brought her to Moya.

They find D'Argo and Jool on a planet where there's an archeological dig to uncover the civilization of the Idolans, aliens who were the galaxy's peacemakers.

John does get to Earth, first in the 1980's where he encounters himself as a teenager, then to the present, where they are all kept under close scrutiny by the US government. However, John finds that he isn't adapting well and goes back into space, forced to close the wormhole so that the Scarrans can't take over the Earth.

Scorpius and Sikozu start developing a relationship. Aeryn is kidnapped by the Scarrans and they want to find out if the child she is carrying is Crichton's. If it is they can get the wormhole secrets from the fetus. Moya's crew has to rescue Aeryn and in doing so find out the secret of the Scarrans--they get their intelligence from a flower they ingest.

The last episode has Moya recovering from her wounds on a water planet and Aeryn reveals to Crichton that the child is his. He proposes marriage to her but then an alien ship swoops down and turns them into crystal pellets.

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