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Farscape: Season Three (2001)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Farscape: Season Three (2001) This is by far the best season yet. The story picks up right where season two left off, with Aeryn dead and frozen at the medical facility where Crichton is having Scorpius' neural implant removed.. The surgery works, though he still has a psychic "clone" of Scorpius in his mind, who he starts calling Harvey, a reference to the Jimmy Steward movie about the giant imaginary rabbit. The back and forth conversations between the two are very entertaining.

Aeryn is brought back to life by Zhaan, who sacrifices her own life in doing so. Stark, who is in love with the Delvian, is heart-broken.

They also do something to one of the characters I don't think has ever been done before or since-- they have the main character, John Crichton, doubled. There are two of him. A mad scientist in one of the episodes split him in half so there are two of him, identical in every way. Then, they split up and have their own adventures. One of them goes with Aeryn Sun, Stark and Rygel with Crais on Talyn, the young living warship. The other Crichton stays on Moya where he has lots of bonding and fighting with D'argo.

Two new characters are introduced. Jool is orange skinned and orange haired and can produce a sound that melts metal. She is of a species that may be related to humans. Noranti is a three hundred year old, three eyed witch.

Aeryn and her Crichton become very close and develop a relationship, which ends when he dies from radiation poisoning after blowing up a Scarran warship in order to prevent them from using the wormhole technology. Aeryn is devastated. When she goes back to Moya with the others she can barely look at the other Crichton.

Scorpius has almost managed to crack the wormhole technology he stole from Crichton's mind and wants to use it as a weapon to destroy the Scarrans. Crais, who was the villain after Crichton in the first season, does something surprising and sacrifices himself and Talyn to save the others.

The season ends with the crew disbanding and Aeryn going off on her own. Crichton is out in his shuttle when Moya is sucked into a wormhole, leaving him alone, with little fuel, in the middle of space.

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