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Farscape: Season Two (2000)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Farscape: Season Two (2000) Season two is better than the first, with a primary new villain in the form of Scorpius, who is half humanoid/half Scarran, which makes him look like Nosferatu. He is one creepy looking bad guy. The Scarrans themselves look like the monster from "RAWHEAD REX".

The series is about John Crichton (Ben Browder), a human astronaut whose experimental ship was sucked into a wormhole and transported thousands of galaxies away. He's picked up by a living ship, Moya, which is run by a group of escaped prisoners. They include Ka D'Argo, a Luxan warrior, who is falsely wanted for killing his Sebacean wife. He wants to find and reunite with his half-breed son, Jothee, who he hasn't seen in ten years. Then there's Chiana, the carefree, overly sexed Nebari woman, who starts a relationship with D'argo. Rygel is a dethroned Hynerian Dominar, former leader of billions on his planet, an outcast since his cousin took over the throne over a hundred and fifty years before. He's small and amphibious, eats and farts a lot. The funniest thing is that he farts helium gas so everyone's voices tend to become high-pitched if he fart when they are in close quarters. Zhaan (Virginia Hey, the babe from THE ROAD WARRIOR) is an 800 year old Delvian princess. She wanted for murdering another Delvian priest. She's bald, blue and also a plant. Moya is the living ship, in part controlled by Pilot, a separate alien who is physically, symbiotically joined with the ship. The other crew members are Stark, a member of the Banik slave race who has a unique power and Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black), a human-looking Sebacean and love-interest for Crichton.

The first season ended with the living ship Moya giving birth to Talyn and former Peacekeeper Crais wants to control the new ship, which has been engineered to be a violent warship, something the living ships were never meant to be. Crichton, the human who was thrust to this distant galaxy, still wants to get home to Earth. And there are some weird stories with the Luxan warrior D'argo and a really weird one with the grey-skinned Chiana who flees to a graveyard planet to mourn the death of her brother, Neri, who she believes is dead. One of the best episodes, "The Way We Weren't" is a flashback episode which reveals how the ships pilot came to be placed in Moya and that Aeryn Sun was aboard the ship to witness it, something she's kept quite about for good reason. Other good episodes are "My Three Crichtons", in which he's divided into three separate beings--himself, a caveman version and a big-headed future version with Max Headroom teeth. "Look at the Princess", a three part story, suggests that humans and Sebaceans are somehow related. "The Locket" is the time-travel story, in which Aeryn goes to check out a planet and comes back a hundred and sixty years older. Crichton follows her back and they end up growing older together, though it's mostly erased when they figure out how to prevent the events from happening.

All through the season Crichton is getting a bit crazier and it has to do with Scorpius' torturing him the first season and implanting a chip in his brain. This allows Scorpius to keep track of him and also creates a version that Crichton keeps on seeing his mind. In the last episode of the season the crew heads to the home of a famous surgeon to have this neural chip removed but Scorpius is ahead of the game and takes over Crichton, who takes a ship and flies away. Aeryn follows, there's a brief fight, and she plunges into a frozen lake on the planet's surface and is killed. What a season finale!

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