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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars (2004) Crichton and Aeryn are brought back to life by the descendants of the Idolans.

The small, amphibious Rygel managed to recover all of the crystals they were disintegrated to off the ocean floor. However, when a scan is done of Aeryn it shows she's not pregnant. One of the crystals is still in Rygel and so, in a weird twist, he

has to carry Aeryn's baby until almost full-term, until it's transported into her womb. Sebaceans have very short pregnancies so Crichton will be a father very very soon.

D'Argo and Chiana are back together as are Scorpius and a leather-clad Sikozu. Through the first half of the movie it kept on bugging me who Sikozu reminded me of, now withshort, spiky red hair, weird eyebrows--and it wasn't until she made some flames that it kicked it-- they made her look just like the Heat Miser from the Rankin-Bass animated movie! She's the Heat Miser!

A war is brewing between the Sebaceans and the Scarrans, who both want the wormhole technology from Crichton to make a weapon. So Crichton makes it into a weapon to show them--and it is gigantic and eats up an entire planet. Both sides are frightened into agreeing on peace. Aeryn's baby is born and all seems right with the galaxy.

There are some continuity problems, such as with the Noranti character. Only one of the scenes is shot with the actress who portrayed her in seasons three and four, the other few scenes is a different actress in similar makeup--and she's kept mostly in shadow. Did the actress die in the middle of the production?

Sikozu is revealed to be a Scarran spy and Scorpius deals with her appropriately. To up the stakes, Jool and D'argo are killed off, which is a bummer.

One of the more interesting things presented here is that the Idolans are responsible for creating the Sebacean species thousands of years before, when they visited Earth and took a group of human and brought them back to their distant galaxy, where they genetically modified them. However, after the Idolans disappeared the Peacekeepers lost their way.

This three-hour movie tied up everything left hanging from Season Four, though it's not as good as the last two Seasons of the show.

Crichton's adventures have recently continued in the new comic from Boom Studios...

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