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Fetus (2008)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Fetus (2008) "Fetus" has earned Brian Paulin a lot more wide-spread appreciation after his prior film - "Bone Sickness" - left a good deal of horror fans feeling rather indifferent. Personally, I dug his massively gory, indie- zombie riot and I also dug "Fetus". It's a little different on plot, but it's got plenty of carnage and Brian Paulin - again playing the star role (unfortunatly). Bit more of a 'story' as well - a guy's wife dies along with their newborn during an emergency C-section, which leaves him extremely depressed. He wanders into an occult shop and buys a book on communicating with the dead. According to what he does, this method of black magic requires some pretty twisted murder rituals... "Fetus" is definitely a film that messes with your mind. Think David Lynch meets Jörg Buttgereit meets Cronenberg. To be honest, I didn't like this movie as much as I had wanted to. It kind of blunders in the opposite way "Bone Sickness" did where, that flick was a bit too long and "Fetus" didn't feel like it had quite enough explanation. Parts were just flat out confusing and obscured, which, I guess, might have been the point. I mean, the opening credit sequence boasts "A Gore Film By Brian Paulin"... Gotta appreciate the guy's dedication to "splatter"...

I still, however, enjoyed Paulin's familiar use of over-the-top gore and SOV style. I'm just convinced the guy is NO actor and should not be starring in each of his films. That said, I'll grant Paulin this: he upped the imagination factor a bit with this one and kept things audaciously twisted and blood-soaked. To list just a few highlights: self-inflicted vag-stabbing, crowbars jammed into spinal columns, necrophilia, demons, penile child birth, and mutilated infant abortions squeezed from a woman's uterus and into a garbage can!! Yes folks, it is a strange, 'trippy', nasty film and well worth checking out if you got a liking for this kind of stuff. Admittedly, I'm eagerly anticipating Paulin's next movie...

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