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Final Girls, The (2015)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Final Girls, The (2015) Interesting premise set in modern day where a group of teens watching a FRIDAY THE 13th-ish slasher flick are pulled INSIDE the movie. An added twist is that one of teens pulled into this 80's slasher flick (called CAMP BLOODBATH) is the daughter of one of the "scream queens" in the slasher movie. In "real" life, her mom died not too long ago under bad circumstances, but now she gets the chance to team up with her and fight a Jason style killer and possibly say "goodbye" to her a final time in "reel time"...If that makes sense! Again, the premise is pretty neat and I went into this flick with an open mind, hoping for something in the vein of SCREAM, since obviously, the kids pulled into the movie are gonna be hip with the old slasher formula! There are some good moments in this movie but overall, I felt real disappointed in it. The PG-13 rating makes all the kill scenes bloodless and lame- NOTHING memorable there, and this would've been the chance to pull out all the stops for a FRIDAY THE 13th style slasher movie within a movie, to me. And the jokey aspect of things wears thin fast as the Nu Teens meet the Retro Teens, all of them being pretty cliche. Then there's the attempts at too much "drama" between the teen meeting her "mom" as a character in a slasher movie and trying to convince her, that "yes, I am really your daughter, visiting from another reality!" After a while, this premise is overdone and seems mishandled and the movie just becomes a huge mess of teens running from a maniac killer, doing his Jason gig with no bloodshed and no creativity, and it sinks the whole thing. Malin Akerman shines as the hot MILF and scream queen stuck in a slasher movie, but still can't rise above the material with an excellent performance. Plus, again, NO NUDITY, even though there's many scenes focusing on drawing the killer in with nudity, sex, and drugs but none of the good stuff is seen! Taissa Farmiga, the great teen actress from the AMERICAN HORROR STORY, seems to sleepwalk through most of her role and isn't too convincing. Not sure why the mother-daughter chemistry doesn't work so well, but I think the concept of THE FINAL GIRLS would have worked brilliantly with an R-rating and a director like Wes Craven, who would've brought magic to the material. Sadly, most of it is missing here and I wouldn't recommend wasting your time with this one at all. Completely forgettable.

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