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Fireworks Woman, The (1975)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Fireworks Woman, The (1975) Even after the success of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, Wes Craven still had trouble getting a director gig and ended up staying in the porno business for many years. FIREWORKS WOMAN is extremely hard to find on video, but Doctor Google showed me the way to an uncut streaming post of the movie and it was like seeing a bit of lost history! Yes, it's a hardcore porno movie but of complete interest to horror and Craven fans. Amidst the blowjobs, fingerings, and traditional missionary style sex is a wild little storyline and a rape scene on the level of LAST HOUSE, believe it or not! Added to the mix is an incredible score of classical music and outtakes and b-sides from an unaccredited David A. Hess, including some of the music used in LAST HOUSE. Craven uses the pseudonym "Abe Snake" for his credit on this flick, and I'm not sure why- I found it to be engrossing and entertaining. The plot deals with woman who is in love with her brother- and they have sexual relations one forbidden time. Problem is, bro feels guilty and won't have sex with her again because he's training to be some kind of priest, so he resists his love and lust for hot-to-trot sis. Hot sis, played to perfection by Jennifer Jordan, is mesmerizing to look at throughout, and embarks on a sexual odyssey with many others while still obsessed with hooking up with holy brother again. She gets it on with a wild rich couple that use her as more than a naughty maid for a while, and imagines that EVERYONE is after her as her sexuality burgeons. She tries to hide on a sailboat but falls overboard and is rescued by a couple that cannot resist her femininity. All the while, she fantasizes about encounters with Brother Peter, and eventually, hosts an orgy of epic proportions at the end to try to entice Peter into giving into his incestuous lust for her as well, which knows no bounds! Heavy stuff for a porno flick, eh? Full of religious angst and confrontation, Craven himself takes a role as "a devilish presence" that guides Jordan into her unbridled scenes of lust! This movie is very porno chic cool, from the New York sleaze grindhouse era, obviously more than a bit inspired by DEEP THROAT with the use of gratuitous fireworks shots intercut amidst hardcore fucking and sucking. What astounded me is how much more technically slick this movie is compared to LAST HOUSE, full of nice tracking shots, great compositions, nightmare sequences of fantasy, and more. Again, there's a rape scene that gives LAST HOUSE every bit the run for its money because it's full-on hardcore action! And the Hess score will stick with you, there's ample use of synthesized tracks and reverbs unused in LAST HOUSE. In many ways, FIREWORKS WOMAN is like an unsung sequel to LAST HOUSE, and for that reason, I found it fascinating. I hope this movie gets a legitimate release at some point on Blu Ray, it definitely deserves the Vinegar Syndrome treatment. Erotic, sickening, disturbing, nightmarish, and brutal- FIREWORKS WOMAN is a porn masterpiece made by an artist struggling to find himself in the grindhouse business. Worthy!

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