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Food of the Gods 2 (1989)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Food of the Gods 2 (1989) Admittedly, I have yet to see part one, but since this has little to do with the original, you can just kick back and enjoy about 90 minutes of giant killer rat hi-jinks and fun. Surprisingly, Food 2 delivers the gory goods with plenty of nasty rat attacks and some decent FX that I wasn't looking for. A scientist out to cure a kids growing problems comes up with a serum that makes stuff grow big... very fast. Some lab rats eat off some tomatoes that have been juiced up with this shit and soon it's killer rat time. These rodents swell up faster than Barry Bonds did after leaving the pirates and are soon goring the local college populace. Rats eat off a man's face, a guy's dick, an arm, and a whole lot more before this thing ends. Don't get me wrong, it's no celebration of great film making, but it does entertain and is fairly gory with some fun scenes. The end is a riot as the giant rats get into the grand opening of the college's pool and proceed to attack the damn synchronized swim team. Of all things to go after, why these ladies who already compete in a much criticized sport? The rats get in, pulling swimmer after swimmer under like Jaws or something. They soon climb from the pool and attack the too stupid fans in the bleachers who didn't have sense to run when the swim team started to disappear in bloody clouds underwater. The police enter shooting both rats and kids, whoever gets in the way. The rats all die in firing squad fashion once they become cornered in a school courtyard. The strange ending however, shows us the growth afflicted kid that the scientist was trying to save has grown to gigantic proportions and turned insane killing his mom and busting through the front door. I told you this movie was sweet!
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