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Frankenstein (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Frankenstein (2004) Although this USA Network movie isn't the best Frankenstein movie in the world it is worth watching just for the sheer weirdness of it.In present-day New Orleans the police are investigating these murders happening around the city. All the victims are missing an organ. Is it the work of another serial killer-or something more sinister?The original 'Frankenstein Monster', named Deucalion (Vincent Perez), appears to help two of the detectives. He's this large guy with a lot of scars. He explains that a man named Dr. Helios is doing experiments and that the murders are somehow tired in with his work. Not only is the doctor creating a new race of man, he's also been doing experiments on himself, the reason why he's still alive after two-hundred years. He's also quite crazy. In one scene he murders his wife, who he had created, and then resurrects her in the hope that she'll have a better personality suited for him. The murders are being done by one of the Doctor's many creations, a monster who wants to die but is unable to kill himself. I'm not really spoiling anything by telling you it turns out to be one of the detectives, portrayed by Michael Madsen (it's obvious from the beginning of the movie he's the killer). He's been harvesting organs and stashing them in a hidden room in his apartment building. He is also pregnant, as shown when he lifts up his shirt and we can see something writhing within. Bizarre. When he's killed in the end by plummeting from a building and being impaled on some spikes his offspring manages to scurry off. What it is we have no idea.The movie is open-ended, which makes me think this is the pilot for a possible series. The premise and all of the characters are introduced but the story is unfinished. And it's the first time I've seen Parker Posey (she's one of the detectives) in a movie where she didn't annoy the hell out of me.
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