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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Frankenstein: Animated (1984)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Frankenstein: Animated (1984) This Japanese animated version takes a twist on the old tale and makes the creature more of a misunderstood hero than a monster. It's well drawn, bloody, and even tries to teach us the lesson of not judging people solely by outward appearance. He's still an ugly fucker though, so poor Frank runs into trouble at every turn. The Dr. is out to kill him soon after creation, realizing it's a mistake. The creature gets loose, pops out the assistants eye out, and falls over the edge of a cliff to what seems his death. The Dr. thinks all is well until strange things begin to occur. Someone is after him. Guess who? There end up being a couple sick scenes here, like the horse head that hangs down, dripping blood in the Dr.'s bathtub while he's in it. He soon finds his monster stalking him and vows to kill it this time once and for all. The creature seems more like a lost child looking for an identity at this point. He sees how other people live and seems sadden at his state. The creature takes a shine to the Dr. Frankenstein's daughter like a puppy dog. He also finds a friend in the senior member of the Frankenstein family, as the old blind man helps calm the monster and show others he can be as much a man as anyone. The gentle side comes through (he saves the child of his most hated enemy from a bear) and the beast is soon having lunches with a few friends and learning to talk, sorta. I swear when he says crucifix he says crucifucks here folks. It looks like Frank is well on his way to normalcy, when tragic events strike. Hunted by his creator and the locals, he accidentally kills a friend of the daughter. This causes her to yell curses and hatred to him, breaking his heart. The hunt for Frank also starts a forest fire that has trapped both the Grandpa Frankenstein and the Dr's wife. The creature saves the elderly man, but the woman dies. He gets blamed for her death and the child hates him even more. Frank realizes no matter what happens he will always be the monster and decides to leave the world and end his life forever. The end of this 'cartoon' is a heartbreaker. The truth about Frank rescuing the old man comes out and the child realizes she was wrong and runs to his aid. She stops her dad from killing him and tells him that the monster in fact saved his own father (getting' all this?). Her and the creature make up, Frank says his goodbye and jumps off a cliff to his death. The Dr. realizing that he's been misjudging his creation all along shoots himself, leaving his daughter an orphan. Pretty downbeat for anime', huh? This is one to see!
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