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Friday The 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Friday The 13th: A New Beginning (1985) This movie has to have the most awesome FINAL GIRL in it out of all the slasher movies of all time! Actress Melanie Kinnaman runs through the rain, battling Jason, sporting a wet, translucent shirt that clearly reveals her curvaceous, ample breasts and hard nipples throughout most of the ending. And they are a sheer delight to ogle and enjoy as Melanie runs, falls, twirls, and screams, jiggling all over the place in the most provocative ways! Melanie is surely one of the hottest FINAL GIRLS in FRIDAY THE 13TH history. Director Danny (SAVAGE STREETS) Steinmann delivers the goods here, with a kill every few minutes and enough nudity and sex piled on for several slasher movies! I have to admit to being extremely partial to this entry (and the previous 4 Paramount classics!); I was there in the theater on opening day to view FRIDAY 5 and I liked it so much I sat through it twice in a row! Jason has a HUGE presence in this entry (a fact most fans seem to miss), haunting a now grown up Tommy Jarvis, who killed the hockey masked maniac at the end of Part 4. Now trying to recover from the trauma, Tommy ends up in a halfway house for crazies where one of the "residents" kills another with an ax and suddenly...more murders ensue, the handiwork in the style of Jason Vorhees. And who is it wearing the hockey mask this time around? Is it Tommy, finally gone over the deep end? Or one of several other over-the-top red herring characters we're introduced to? Although the skin and gore were heavily cut to get an 'R' rating, this film still has so many sweet young ladies disrobing and blatantly strutting around in their birthday suits that you GOTTA love it! Juliette Cummins, Debisue Vorhees, Rebecca Wood (showing her hot boobs for no reason at all, just ripping her top open and screaming, "It's showtime!!!" before a date... Halleluiah, Danny!), and of course...Melanie! I could watch the last twenty minutes of this movie eternally, Melanie's boobs a' bouncing! These ladies are irresistible. The kill scenes, though truncated, are still intense and entertaining. Machetes, knives, axes, spikes, and chainsaws are utilized to great effect, The story keeps you guessing, and John Shepherd, playing Tommy Jarvis, is most excellent and believable in his part. He really holds the movie together with his intense performance and bursts of psychotic energy. The twist ending...ah, well, a little far out of left field, but still, it works in a corny way, and FRIDAY 5 as a whole is just a great time of crazy cheap gore gags, bad acting, a clearly drugged out cast and crew, zany 80's dancing, and you just get this vibe of sleaze and debauchery the entire time you view the movie. Rounding things out, Harry Manfredini delivers another masterpiece of a soundtrack score and I gotta say, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING delivers the goods for this diehard fans. I watch it quite often and love it more with each and every view.

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