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Gamera vs. Gaos (1967)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Gamera vs. Gaos (1967) Gaos (later Gyaos) has the distinction of being the super-turtle's first and oldest foe. This creature has appeared in more films than any other and is constantly the evil force that Gamera must kill off. It's kinda like a bat with a deadly death beam emitted from the mouth that cuts throw most anything. It was 1st awakened from a cave due to construction and stomped across Japan until Gamera shows up to simmer him down now. The scene where Gaos fires his ray and cuts the plane complete with people falling out must be seen to be believed. As with must of Gamera's films, the fight scenes and monsters are where it's at. Their initial encounter leaves Gamera licking his wounds in the ocean as Gaos' beam cuts open our hero pretty quick. Gamera does manage to use his rolling attack to knock the bat about a little though. The army tries to fight the creature by inventing a giant sit and spin to throw it for a loop. This dumb shit almost works as Gaos goes around and around like the world's ugliest broken record. Eventually though, it attacks again and it's up to Gamera to end the reign of terror known as Gaos. Gamera wises up and uses some rocks as shields and weapons to beat the bat. He chucks one rock into the creature's mouth disabling the death beam and rendering the monster pretty damn useless. A quick ride up toward the sunlight seals the deal, as Gaos can't take the sun to tough. Gaos proved a tough task for our buddy, but in the end the turtle wins. More of Gaos' kind would be back though to terrorize our turtle and earth for years to come in film history.
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