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Gamera vs. Zigra (1971)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Gamera vs. Zigra (1971) Zigra came to earth to steal our seas and eat everything on the land. What a dickhead huh? Well, Gamera ain't gonna let that shit happen and he pretty much kicks this monster's ass all the way through here folks. Zigra's plan to enslave our planet never really gets off the ground thanks to the turtle of terror. He attacks Zigra's underwater ship, freeing the beast that rapidly grows thanks to the difference in our water pressure from his own planet's. I always read the creature was suppose to be part shark, but it looks like a mix between a swordfish and a bird to me. Pretty damn silly is this one. He does possess a decent beam from his eye and sharp fins on his back, which do some decent damage to Gamera's underbelly. Gamera is smart enough to both outwit the monster & save the kids trapped in a diving bell that Zigra is holding prisoner and use a rock to block off most of Zigra's beam attacks. Gamera takes the battle to land by pulling Zigra from the comfy ocean depths it loves and forcing him to fight on land. Z don't make it too long afterwards. Gamera impales a giant boulder on Zigra's bill, causing it to fall forward and lay helplessly as Gamera uses a rock to play his back fins like a xylophone. He laughs and has a good time with his fallen opponent here. This scene struck me as funny as shit. Hell, he was just having fun I reckon. Are you gonna stop a 60 foot tall monster turtle from having fun? Gamera gives Zigra the old fly and drop attack and soon burns the creature to dust all to the cheers and instructions of the two kids. I never really understood Gamera's relationship with the childrens. I know he ain't like Michael Jackson (least I hope not), but it always seems like two kids do all the crying for Gamera to help 'em. Does he listen to all kids? What gives certain kids the privilege to get help from him? Who knows? I'd lure them away for snacks later, but that's just mean ole' me I guess. This Gamera film seems the weakest to me, both in story and in its monster foe. Zigra kinda sucks. Gamera went on to better things, thankfully.
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