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Girl Hell (1999)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Girl Hell (1999) "Girl Hell" is a boundlessly incoherent bit of poorly made Japanese sleaze that admirers of this particular type of shit should dig. The copy I saw was set up with subtitles (I've heard of a lot of copies without subs) though it didn't take me long to lose my faith in the inane gibberish text that transcribed the film's dialog. It made no sense. "I pissed rats like you"? What?! Regardless, "Girl Hell" is one perceptibly off-the-wall flick...

It starts with two guys engaged in some small-talk relating to sex (according the the subs). Then, we see some perky school girl on a bike bring some food to a bag-lady out in a field who obsessively lactates onto her baby doll. We then have a fat chick getting fucked from behind by a sweaty man having a screaming orgasm and then asking to keep her splooge rag. The school girl heads home and is greeted by the sound of sex coming from the other room. Out comes a bare-assed old guy - her father - who spouts off some verbally abusive shit about the girl's mother. The school girl then goes into the other room to find a heavily bandaged chick with her wrists bound to her ankles. The school girl peels the gauze off the chick, who happens to be her sister, revealing a large gash on her chest. She then goes back to the bag-lady where she hungrily suckles on her milky nipple for a while... Later, she holds her perverted father at knife point, confronted by one of the dudes from the beginning, he and his buddy beat and rape the bag-lady before heading to the school girl's house, kill her dad and gang-banging her severely crippled sister until blood runs. There's also some weird rich guy following the school girl around and he eventually ties her up and drinks her urine through a catheter tube...

Good shit, for the most part. Didn't hold together too well, in terms of "plot", but "Girl Hell" should really only be viewed for it's perversity and sleaze. It's a very downbeat "sickie" that come highly recommended for fans of this type of stuff...

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