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Girls Gone Dead (2012)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Girls Gone Dead (2012) All right! With the tagline "Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Topless..." you, dear viewer, should KNOW what to at least hope for! Now this is what I'm talking about in terms of exploitation and nudity! Here's a movie where all the hot girls take their clothes off, including the lead actresses, which is the way it should be! (I still cannot believe that Danielle Harris played a stripper in THE VICTIM and somehow managed to keep her clothes on! Where's Rob Zombie's coaxing when you need it?!?!) See the fine splatter sluts of GIRLS GONE DEAD in pools, through windows, and basking under the hot Florida sun in all their naked glory! Tops are popped here as casually as beer bottles at a frat party! How can you go wrong with a movie that opens with a fully nude girl (Jennifer Worthington) being sacrificed for her sins in a church while a crazed congregation looks on with joy? Yes, this is a flick with twisted religious themes going on and a masked killer brandishing a mean medieval ax of some sort, stalking the hotties. Oh yeah...the plot? Six horny college girls decide to spend spring break in a rented mansion down in Florida and inadvertently hook up with a group of guys shooting footage for "Crazy Girls Unlimited", a flash-your-breasts-for-our-video cameras type of outfit that provides an additional surplus of sex and nudity for the proceedings. One of the college girls is trying to break free from her stifling religious upbringing, but the more she lets loose in the Sodom and Gomorrah atmosphere, the more victims seem to drop dead from this Ghostface-like killer! Is it the conservative boyfriend she left at home with mom? Is it the crazed local cop who had inappropriate relations with one of the girls when she was a teenager? Or the suspicious father who rented the mansion for the gals? Or the brooding jock with the "Crazy Girls Unlimited" guys that can't seem to have a good time? As the movie unreels to the startling revelation, you'll be treated to endless shapely women and their scintillating curves on full display, along with extreme gore effects created by effects man Marcus Koch. No CGI here, it's old school effects all the way as the crimson sprays, heads are lopped off and axed, and the beauties are carved up into lunchmeat! This movie is a fine throwback to the Roger Corman slasher era and isn't afraid to wallow in such excesses---not playing it safe at all! (The unrated DVD was recently yanked from Best Buy stores due to complaints! Halleluiah! A movie that OFFENDS the moral minority!) It's also inspired by those classic "teens wanting to lose virginity" movies from the '80's like THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN, so if you're a fan of those classics being updated in a 21st Century sort of way...then you'll love this movie! Plus there's a barrage of cameos from Howard Stern's universe (like Beetlejuice and Sal The Stockbrocker) and b-movie celebrities like Ron (ORGAZMO) Jeremy, Asbestos (KILLING SPREE) Felt, Joel (CREEP) Wynkoop, Shawn (DEADLY DARES) Phillips, and Linnea (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS) Quigley! Kudos to the creative moviemaking team of Meghan Jones, Michael Hoffman, Jr., and Aaron T. Wells for putting together a modern day throwback to an era where teen slasher movies had kick!

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