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Girls Nite Out (1984)
Movie Review by Professor Corpse Rot

Girls Nite Out (1984) Robert Deubel, the director of this feature, would end his career upon his completion of Girls Nite Out; the 3 remaining works in his filmography aren't relevant to the horror genre. It seems all too easy to assume why Robert quit the business after the release of this movie but personally I like to envision a group of angry villagers chasing him out of town with brick bats.

A homecoming basketball game allows the students of a small Ohio college to form a victory party in order to celebrate their accomplishments; heavily laden with profuse drinking, promiscuity, and relationship drama. In the midst of all of the drunken horseplay and buffoonery, the team mascot is murdered in cold blood and his cherished bear suit is stolen. The college sorority follows through with a "scavenger hunt"; additional fun and games for the young girls to partake in. Meanwhile, the campus security guard delves into his tragic past that involves his deceased daughter and her obsessive ex-boyfriend, pronounced lunatic, Dickie Cavanaugh. With the security guard hung up with curiosity, the campus DJ harassed by the killer's incessant phone calls, and close friends dispatched of ruthlessly, the truth remains to be seen.

I took notice that Hal Holbrook, the campus security officer, took a part in this film, after witnessing his appearance in The Fog from 1980 and 1982's Creepshow - in particular, the segment entitled "The Crate." I find him to be a suitable actor in Girls Nite Out in addition to the aforementioned titles. Also appearing in Girls Nite Out is his son David. An interesting tidbit worth addressing is David's appearance in Creepshow 2 in the Old Chief Wood'nHead story...how awesome is it that both father and son secured two roles in BOTH Creepshow movies!? It's awesome, right?

More prestigiously, however, is the addition of Lauren-Marie Taylor from Friday the 13th Part 2 fame, and Carrick Glen from The Burning. This is one of the many perks that form as a result of watching so many horror titles...after a great deal of time, or even immediately in some cases, you begin to observe that actors and actresses are recycled throughout. Simply put, it's always nice to see a familiar face.

The creators of Girls Nite Out managed to output a piece that follows the numbers too closely...almost like they had a cheat sheet handy and referenced a checklist whenever they reached an artistic barrier. Whether you've digested my mockery of Girls Nite Out as humorous or insulting, it's laced with a great deal of truth.

If the feel of a Slasher title is what you're after you'll be sorely disappointed when you discover that the film primarily focuses on college tomfoolery. The only part worth watching is the end. It pains me to admit how effective it is but how many times should I allow a lenient stance on this? In the past I've thought to myself, "You know... that movie was horrible but it had one killer ending, it might be worth owning just for that." If I had a dime for every time I've said that I'd be a rich man; spending carelessly on sub-par Slashers wouldn't be an issue for me. The only accomplishment Girls Nite Out should be credited with is its ability to remain more predictable than a whole night's worth of TGIF.

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