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Godzilla (2014)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Godzilla (2014) This latest incarnation of the King of the Monsters fits with the majority of the Toho movies. This Godzilla resembles the version from GODZILLA 2000, with the spiky, sharp fins on his back, and he's a bit chunkier. Everyone is commenting on why this version is fat? Really? America is fat, so it's a sign of the times. As simple as that.

Anyway, we learn that America's bomb testing in the Pacific in the 50's was an attempt to get rid of the monster--but now he's re-emerged from the ocean. Why? Because there's a threat to humanity, a malevolent insect-like creature that feeds on radioactivity. The main character seems to be Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston), who helped design a nuclear power planet in Japan. Something bad happens, there's a leak--and his wife is killed. Twenty years later he's still obsessing about this accident--and soon discovers that it's the fault of these ancient creatures. And he's killed when it hatches! So his son, bomb expert Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson of KICK-ASS), takes over as the lead. He's boring but that's okay because the main focus is the giant monsters.

I found PACIFIC RIM much more fun but hopefully they'll be making a follow-up to this particular giant monster flick.

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