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Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 3 (2003)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 3 (2003) The second sequel to the mecha-G flicks adds some interesting twists and is damn fun! I liked the green look, was kinda retro feeling. The new look for the robotic Godzilla is really cool and looks closer to the original than the last time around. The plot kicks ass, forgetting all previous versions except the original and has Godzilla the Second rising from the sea to stomp Japan ala 1954. Well, nothing works as far as stopping this monster so what's nation to do? Throw cell phones, pc's and DVD recorders at it? Nah, they throw those at America. They decide to build a robot using the skeleton and some DNA from the original sitting at the bottom of the sea. The new mecha-beast is name Kiyru and it whoops ass! Well, that is until Godzilla's roar triggers them old bones to remember that it was once a Godzilla too. Then, old Kiyru does what comes naturally and starts destroying the city. This scene just had me rollin'. I mean they do all this work to make this thing and then it goes nuts and turns on Japan. You have to see it, this robot goes berserk. That's what ya get for Pearl Harbor bitches! Anyway, Godzilla seeing this hauls ass, resurfacing later to stomp what's left of the city. The Mecha-Godzilla gets fixed, comes back, and the final battle is truly a site to see. The Absolute Zero beam in the robot's chest is like an atom,-smasher, making whatever it hits vanish. Godzilla escapes the device not once, but twice. The end fight is close, the robot actually survives, and both walk away to fight another day. Fitting, 'cause I would have hated for either to die off. This could set up some very interesting future films. Maybe they could team up to fight some new menace. When's Gigan getting a remake or Megalon? How about some new creatures Toho and stop with the rehash. I liked this way better than 2000 and Megagurius, but not as much as the previous GMK. Special FX looked awesome as always. How do all those VCR's get made with monsters smashing up the place every 2 years? Makes one wonder.
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