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Gothika (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Gothika (2003) This movie is bad on just about every level. Halle Barre portrays a therapist who works at a mental institution for the criminally insane. Her husband (Charles Dutton of ALIEN 3, MIMIC) is in charge of the place. During a drive home during a thunderstorm she runs off of the road after she avoids hitting a girl who is standing in the middle of the road. She gets out of her car and goes to her-and sees that she's all beaten up. But as soon as she reaches out and touches her they both explode into flames. She wakes up to find that she's now a patient in the same mental institution she worked at-and that she's to be charged with killing her husband with an axe. Well, first of all she'd never be sent as a patient to a place she worked at-it's ridiculous and it just doesn't happen. Why don't the screenwriters ever do research on the reality of their subject matter?Anyways, she figures that she was possessed by the spirit of the girl on the road, who she finds out is the daughter of one of the other doctors working there. And slowly but surely she begins to figure out what happened and why.Her husband was involved in some very bad business and the ghost of the woman was simply getting revenge.At the end of the movie Halle Barre is walking around with one of her former patients, who had killed her stepfather with a knife across the throat. First of all, all the evidence of Barre's husband's murder points to her-and I don't think 'the devil made me do it' would dismiss the accusation of her crimes in a court of law. She'd still be in prison, as would the patient she's walking with. People aren't instantly cured of their psychosis-it just doesn't happen.Up until the midway point the movie was just okay-it's shot well, the actors are decent. But after that everything falls apart and felt as if the filmmakers were making up the story as they went along. The 'surprise' ending is really insulting to the viewers. Man, this movie sucked.And why is it called GOTHIKA? There's no explaination!!!
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