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Grace (2009)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Grace (2009) I really had no preconceived notions going into this one, other than hearing something about it being 'a bit nasty at times'. Definitely found myself pleasantly surprised by "Grace"...

A young vegan couple get pregnant and decide to call on the help of a midwife for some 'holistic' birthing techniques. Things don't go all that great for the expecting lovers when the soon-to-be mommy starts having chest pains, is rushed to the hospital, almost loses Jr. and, eventually, hubby dies in a car accident that also results in a stillborn. That is, a fairly momentary stillborn before the baby miraculously comes to life soon after being born. Life as a mother soon becomes far more stressful than usual when the little bundle of joy starts attracting flies, develops a bleeding rash, and will only consume blood. Mommy is eventually at wits end in trying to keep her infant fed and out of sight from the big-bad mother-in-law and an asshole doctor who think the baby is being neglected...

"Grace" is definitely one of those movies that I would LOVE to show to a new mother along with "Rosemary's Baby" and "Inside". I'm kind of a bastard... Anyways, this one really takes a much more subtle approach to the 'evil kid' concept with slow, yet effective pacing and well developed characters. The gore isn't overboard, but still offers up some occasionally nasty, twisted bits, including scissor-on-vein slicing and blood oozing nipples. Yum. My only real complaint is the ending, which I think could've packed a bigger punch had it ramped up the intensity a tad, but overall, I was pleasantly surprised to find "Grace" to be a fairly 'disturbing' flick...

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