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Halloween (1978)
Movie Review by The Insane Old One

Halloween (1978) Nothing quite tingles the spine like the classics, eh kiddies? And if we're going to talk for a while about one, we could do a lot worse than the original John Carpenter classic, "Halloween".

There's not a lot that can be said about this awesome piece of horror art that hasn't been said: John Carpenter and company, with a small budget but a huge vision crafted a tale for the ages...the fact that it has been so often imitated and indeed, remade, stands as a testament to it's genius.

Simplicity is the key to this movie: Yes, the Rob Zombie remake gave us more of a backstory, humanized the character of Michael Myers, and gave us some insight into why he is and what motivates him...but the original proves that all of that wasn't really necessary.

What works in Halloween is that you DON'T know what caused this little boy to go off his rocker; it raises the possibility that the boogeyman is a REAL thing; Myers is more of a force of nature than a troubled youth that fell into madness; he is instead an unstoppable evil that wreaks it's havoc on that one night that all is free to roam the earth...

...and that's what's so frightening. There's not any gore to speak of, but the dread that the story, cinematography, and the chilling score builds in your heart is a palpable thing. The fine cast really puts forward the fact that terror has come to the little town of Haddonfield, and even the good Doctor Loomis, who's had fifteen years to figure it out, doesn't really know what the hell precipitated this rampage...nor just what it IS in the masked spectre that makes him what he is.

The simple fact is that he is OUT there, and he is looking for...maybe YOU.

What explanation do you really need?

For over thirty years now, it's been the only one I've needed...and that says something about the film. As the heir-apparent to Hitchcock's "Psycho" and the father of all that was to follow as it birthed the slasher genre, it's a masterpiece of cinematic artistry that all aficianados should see.

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