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Halloween (1978) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

Halloween (1978) Good Morning Fiends and Sadists! Today I bow my lowly head, and present one of the most original and genre creating horror films of all time: Halloween. John Carpenter presents Michael Myers how he should have been presented, as "The Shape". There was the late Donald Pleasance (The Great Escape) as Dr. Loomis who begged society to cage this creature of pure evil. And that's my point in that Carpenter takes a simple premise, and makes him a massive heap of mystery. You WANT to know what the hell happened in the sessions between Doctor and patient. How in the hell did an innocent child decide to slaughter a family on a Halloween night while his middle class suburban Illinois parents decide to have a night out? Rob Zombie had an interpretation that made sense, but removing mystery removes the evil quotient and just makes him crazy. Carpenter's Shape kills because he wants to, evil that walks in the shape of a human in a William Shatner mask.

Jamie Lee Curtis (the Fog, True Lies) does a good job as Laurie Strode, the object of Michael's rage and sister. Again the film never explains why he wants to destroy all living reminders of his family, or more to the point reminders that he is mortal after all. No answers mean mystery and fear. The simple formula of enigma + violence = this awesome cerebral classic. Carpenter did not have to throw 100 gallons of blood on us to make a point. You know the fear Strode feels as she is discovered by Michael in the closet. Case closed. Let's talk Blu-Ray.

Video: 5 out of 5

Perfect. This film is so clean; it could pass for a new release meant to simply look like 1978. Anchor Bay smashed this out of the park. Watch the opening autumn outdoor scenes. Crisp, and pristine. The night scenes are black as hell on earth, yet clear and flawless. This is what 1080p 240 Hz fucking Blu-Ray is all about! Michaels mask is stark white, and you can see each oil spot on the mechanic's work uniform clearly. The only thing I noticed is where was the name badge? The scene with him in the hanging linens is so clear you would swear the bastard was standing in your living room. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Audio: 4 out of 5

Presented in Dolby and PCM 5.1 is not bad, but Halloween while visually mind blowing, it really is average in the sound effects department. However the music is bold and clear, you can hear every angry breath coming from behind that rubber mask, and you hear exactly what was meant to be heard. No real complaints.


1. A featurette : Halloween: a cut above the rest

2. Trailer, TV spots, and radio spots

3. Some cool commentary with the late producer Debra Hill, Carpenter, and Curtis

All this for 10.00 folks, buy this Anchor Bay edition.

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