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Halloween (1978)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Halloween (1978) John Carpenter's classic movie about promiscuous teenage babysitters being stalked by an unstoppable masked madman on Halloween night. The story is simplicity at its best and this movie remains one of my all-time favorites, as well as the flick that opened up my Pandora 's Box obsession of all thing sex, violence, and slash after seeing this flick in its 1981 broadcast television premiere. From the opening shots of a sexy young girl balling her boyfriend and then being stabbed by her little brother with a kitchen knife while brushing her hair topless in front of a mirror I was entranced! Nothing like crimson coated breasts to get your attention at a young age, even if it was EDITED FOR TELEVISION. (Of course it wasn't long before I was ogling Pamela Susan Shoop's breasts in her HALLOWEEN II Jacuzzi romp and going back to view the original HALLOWEEN uncut---dozens of times- via Beta video rentals.) We are then introduced to three hot babysitters, all boy obsessed, who are doing their thing on Halloween night: babysitting, meeting up with guys, and pawning the little ones off on each other so they can fuck. It's years later, and the kid that killed his little sister has grown up and is now stalking the babysitters with his nice sharp knife, spying on them voyeuristically as they have sex and eventually popping up to kill them at his leisure. The Halloween atmosphere is just so perfect that you can feel it: you can smell fall and candy in the air. Dean Cundey's long takes and colorful lighting schemes just add to the holiday-like vibe, and the white masked killer is totally scary---we see much of the action through his point-of-view while listening to his heavy breathing, making our own hearts pound in anticipation of what he might do next. The babysitters are all very attractive, from 18-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis' fuckable innocence to P.J. Soles' unbridled sluttiness---the scene where boyfriend Bob nails her in bed uncut is great, with awesome glimpses of her pert, hard nipples jutting up so excited and oh, that splendid, arousing moaning! Michael Myers (the killer) watches her get it on, kills Bob downstairs (eerily pinning him to the wall with a butcher knife) and then strangles P.J. with a phone cord as her jiggling naked breasts tease us again. And let's not forget Annie, the tramp that keeps flashing us her panties and disrobes in open windows when she spills butter on her shirt as the killer watches and enjoys. You get the idea- HALLOWEEN is just full of our most impulsive voyeuristic urges, especially when you're a young male with raging hormones, and it's just great to stand around silently in the dark while observing the girls be girls. For many of us, this movie was like a coming-of-age ritual, mixed with a scary murder campfire tale twist. Then there's the music, the foreboding, haunting melodies that propels the narrative forward as the killer's shrink (played by the awesome Donald Pleasence) stays about two steps behind the patient that got away from him. The end confrontation between Jamie Lee and Michael, right on the home turf, is a spectacle in itself. Common household items, like knitting needles and hangers, are the only defense she has but you're rooting for her to hold her own. Amazingly, even when the shrink comes to save the day, bullets can't stop the boogieman and in the end, you're left with this horrid feeling, a chill running down your spine that He's still out there! We see where he might be as Michael's heavy breathing overpowers the sound track in the living room the front lawn upstairs maybe even right in your bedroom! It's that sly mix of scary, forbidden voyeurism, sex, and violence that make HALLOWEEN work so well, along with the extreme talent of Carpenter's direction and music It makes this one a timeless classic that will never be beaten for those who came of age with it. 'Nuff said. Check it out again and enjoy!

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