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Halloween (2007)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Halloween (2007) Seems strange doing a review of a 2007 Halloween, but I guess this had to get a new face just like Chainsaw, Dawn of, & Psycho before. And of course, I bitched and moaned and felt crappy about it until I saw it; just like I will if a Friday the 13th redux comes down the road (as I'm sure it will). One thing that did keep me having a bit of hope was that Rob Zombie was directing and say what you will, he's not gonna make some pussy film that smears the Halloween name. Some will of course say otherwise after viewing the new movie, but I feel it was the best it could be when touching on Hallowed ground. This is certainly the best of the new 'versions' by far. In many ways, this Halloween is a different side of the same coin. This is the violently, brutal, trashy (in a great way) kill fest side of Halloween. The differences are what make both films great and one a horror classic. Where Carpenter's movie was about atmosphere, shape, creepiness, and the horror of the unknown evil behind the mask, Zombie's film s about in your face, hardcore evil and meanness. The best difference is that where the original leaves you to wonder about Michael's childhood, incarceration, & motives, the new film gives you this incredibly disturbing back-story of a mean kid from a sleazy home that is a breeding ground for all that follows. I think the body count here and the titty count surpass the original after the 1st 15 minutes; not that it makes this better, but it does show what each director was going for. Yeah, it does look like a Devil's Rejects reunion at times, but all the actors do a good job & it's not a bad thing if you ask me. There's enough sick shit here to keep the know-it-all modern newbie fans gasping and make old fans like me go damn! Zombie's Halloween won't make you forget the original, but you won't forget this one either. There were tons of cool touches in here you'll see along the way, one weird fuck-up for the time of the film, nice music, nice tits, and some Samhain blaring in the background at one point. I really hope that this is it though. No part 2 please, this will do and I'm happy with it. Just like I would have been happy if the original 2 had been the end of that movie. Why not go with the original concept and do a Halloween horror story every year that doesn't involve Meyers, but some other weird shit. Halloween 2007 gives us the psychopathic side to the extreme in a nasty, fun way. The mysterious evil and atmosphere working so well in the original isn't what this is about and I'm glad that shit wasn't even attempted, as it would have been a failure. This Halloween (why did they show this in August God Damn it!!) is a far different beast.

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