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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Halloween 7: H20 (1998)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Halloween 7: H20 (1998) Ignoring previous Myers epics 4, 5, and 6 may have been a good idea, simply because the last two were so silly.H20, tho, come on. I've always hated this 'shortcut' title, uh, I guess to cash in on the T2 logo? Okay, okay, Halloween, 20 years later, I get it. Still, I'm no chemist, but my foggy high school chemistry conjures up images of a glass of warm water when the name H20 is mentioned...Ah well, director Steve Miner (the classic Friday The 13th Part 2 and some Mel Gibson dribble) does a capable job this time around. While not reinventing the franchise, at least I can say I enjoyed the last half of this movie.A post-SCREAM effort with Kevin Williamson involved in the story, this time Jamie Lee Curtis returns to face Myers again, who is stalking her son (uh, ignoring her daughter from part 4, but we won't go there!).The first half of the movie is rather lame, other than a good scene where the Nurse that worked with Pleasence in the first two movies is killed (Myers steals info on Curtis and her son from her house).Then, it's the usual intro of cardboard teens from TV Shows I've never heard of and FINALLY, Myer's comes and chops everyone up...or tries too!Curtis is an alcoholic teacher that decides to face her demonic brother full-on at the end. Again, this movie is just great after the 50 minute mark, where a strong-willed Curtis and Myers battle it out in a school. Good suspense and action, and it's just great to see these two spar off 20 years later, ya know?Also after the lame 'teen development' scenes, there's some great attack scenes (ouch, that elevator to the leg gag hurt!) that lift the movie out of mediocrity.Filmmakers: SIMPLE STORY, SUSPENSE AND ACTION ARE THE KEY. We don't care about lame 'character development' and all that crap.Give us the adrenaline rushing action and violence.This one is worth a look. Loved the ending. Who knows where Part 8 will take us, but Rick Rosenthal, director of Halloween 2 is on board, so there's hope!
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