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Hannibal: Season One (2013)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Hannibal: Season One (2013) Who knew television could be so GOOD? Again, the 1980's and '90's horror characters being revived for TV are...incredible! I wasn't expecting much with this one, but it's a wickedly delicious blending of CSI, DEXTER, and Thomas Harris' characters and situations in his RED DRAGON novelization. Think of it as a prequel to MANHUNTER and you'll get it. FBI Profiler Will Graham (who has a psychic connection to crime scenes and is able to "become" the killers in his mind) and famous shrink Hannibal Lecter team up to solve crimes----big ones involving serial killers. Of course the big twist is, and we're in on it as the audience, that Hannibal is actually committing most of the slayings and blaming the murders on his wacky patients, while trying hard to drive Graham over the edge! Insanely, unknowlingly, the FBI agents are constantly enjoying Lecter's culinary skills and EATING many of the victims he has killed...these scenes will blow your mind! (They don't call him HANNIBAL THE CANNIBAL for nothing!) The excellent thing about the Hannibal character is he has no "Dexter code" to abide by---he kills because he wants to and enjoys manipulating his patients, the police, and everyone around him. Having "Harry's moral code" jettisoned makes this show pitch black...only counterbalanced by Will Graham's tortured character "catching" the serial killers by becoming them. Hugh Dancy as Will Graham is every bit as good or better than William Peterson in MANHUNTER, when Hugh "becomes" the killer or has a nightmare...you feel it! Intense acting! Puts Edward Norton's horribly miscast portrayal of the character further to shame. And Mads Mikkelson as Lecter...oh wow, I didn't think anyone could own or relish the role like Anthony Hopkins, but Mads is at least equally as good, if not better. I surely went in not expecting this whatsoever, as a matter of fact, I didn't expect much from this concept but it works brilliantly and is amazingly respectful of Thomas Harris' story, characters, and situations. Like BATES MOTEL, it updates everything into the modern age while remaining a prequel to what we've seen, which is just a mindbending concept you wouldn't think would work...but it does. Production values of the show...twists and turns...the over-the-top gore...it's all done on a level that eschews the theatrical films, if you can believe that! I was honestly blown away by this series. It takes a few episodes to get used to the new faces playing the characters, for instance Tattler reporter Freddie Lounds is played by a female and Jack Crawford is played by Laurence Fishburne (who comes with baggage from his CSI stint but is awesome) but once you adjust to this...HANNIBAL is one of the best shows on television since BREAKING BAD. So if you're a fan of MANHUNTER, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and HANNIBAL...my advice is to check this show out. More than likely, you will NOT be disappointed.

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