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Highlander: The Source (2006)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Highlander: The Source (2006) This newest HIGHLANDER movie is an odd one, even for a HIGHLANDER movie. A direct sequel to ENDGAME, it takes place no more than a decade in the future, after society has crumbled. We learn that immortal Duncan Macleod (Adrian Paul) is married to a mortal woman named Anna and that she doesn't want to be with him after he reveals to her that he can't reproduce. She wants children. Nevertheless, he shadows her and protects her from harm in this apocalyptic world.

A time is soon nearing when all the planets and stars will line up, when 'The Source' makes itself known. This is supposedly where immortals got their power from - and it's something they covet. We're introduced to 'The Elder' and 'The Guardian', who tried to get The Source the last time it appeared on Earth. Because they fought over it and killed the other immortals they were with, they were cursed to be a sort of living dead. The Elder is like an ancient, bloated rotted corpse while The Guardian is all white, with dead peeling flesh. The Guardian is also extremely fast, a blur, and no other immortal can match him for speed. He's one of the better HIGHLANDER villains, not quite up to par of The Kurgan, but still up there.

Duncan's wife Anna is also tied to all this quest for The Source because she's having dreams telling her of its location - and that Duncan has a role to play. What that role is isn't all that surprising, yet it does fit with explaining a lot of the Highlander mythos questions I've had. For example, the 'There can only be one' mantra they've all been saying has been misconstrued!

HIGHLANDER: THE SOURCE is a good, final installment in the HIGHLANDER series.

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