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Hitch Hike (1977)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Hitch Hike (1977) As a very minor director in the exploitation scene, I often wonder---where are the hot, bold actresses, the TRUE scream queens, willing to disrobe and get down to business before the cameras these days? All I usually hear is I don't do nudity or if it's tastefully shot, I'll show the side of my right breast Such annoying restrictions and behavior! I keep looking for the 21st Century Lina Romay, or, case in point with this classic Italian '70's road rage movie, the next Corinne Clery. Oh what a looker she is in this flick, strutting her fully nude self around unabashedly in scene after scene! There's a part where Corinne comes after the bad guy with a shotgun, wearing nothing but her birthday suit, flaunting her hot bod for all to see, bush and all, and wow what a pleasure it is to see that kind of female empowerment in a movie with good acting! And hey, it even made one of the posters! Have mercy, sweet Corrine! (And if you don't know who Corinne is, think MOONRAKER, the hot helicopter pilot with her breasts popping out of that skimpy space cheerleader suit that Bond later wisely beds.) HITCH-HIKE, for the uninitiated, is also the third entry in the unofficial David A. Hess psycho-sexual trilogy that includes LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK (two classics, I might add). Here, Hess' crazed rage and lust are unleashed again on a little road trip. Hess plays a bank-robbing, escaped lunatic (sound familiar?) that is hitching a ride on the back roads of California with a suitcase full of stolen cash. He's trying to avoid partners he ripped off and the police, with intent to get to Mexico and live it up. Franco (Django hisself!) Nero and Corinne (hawt mama!) Clery are a bickering married couple on vacation that foolishly pick up hitchhiking Hess, and of course, he gets them in more trouble (including murder) than they ever bargained for. Franco's character is a has-been reporter and Hess wants him to write his life story---adding to the drama by casually killing cops and raping the lusty Corinne right before his very eyes! Trouble is, Corinne appears to like the assault a little too much (initiating it and having a great orgasm during the encounter) and this just drives the couple even farther apart. Corinne is such a lusty tart in her role, sporting a teasing, high-slitted skirt that shows off her shapely legs so well and a revealing top that lets her pert, round breasts pop out on a whim. My favorite scenes are when she falls to the ground, legs spread willingly wide, skirt barely covering her love mound or better yet---fully revealing it through transparent panties that Hess can't help but feel up in glorious close-ups! Oh man, my kind of fucking movie here, folks! I totally dig the hot crotch grabbing scene in the desert. You should too! Corinne is such a luscious fuck doll in her performance that you just can't take your eyes off her. She totally steals the show, and that's amazing, considering it's a testosterone fueled Hess-on-the-loose scenario aided by an excellent performance by Nero to boot. Hess continues to viciously pit the hateful couple against each other, even as they are forced to work together to try to save their lives from his wrath. The story takes some nice, unexpected twists and turns, and again, Corinne makes it such a pleasure to view. You never know when or why she'll get naked or flash us again, but she inevitably does. Truly the Sharon Stone of the '70's she is, making this movie worth repeated views. What can I say? Hess on the loose one more time, doing his rape and murder gig, and one of the sexiest and most alluring scream queens boldy going where all too few actresses go. Scream queens, take note---use your bodies as weapons on film and steal the show! Recommended. Highly.

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