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Hulk (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Hulk (2003) The Marvel Comic adaptations have been on a great roll lately, with SPIDERMAN, DAREDEVIL and X2 surpassing my expectations. And I thought HULK would continue this trend, especially after seeing the previews of how amazing a CGI Hulk looks. Although the effects were great director Ang Lee's adaptation of the Marvel Superhero is quite a bore. The movie starts with scientist David Banner doing experiments for the government in the 60's and injecting himself with an experimental drug. Then we go to the present, where Bruce Banner and Betty Ross are scientists working on a similar project. For a movie about dealing with the strongest of emotions-anger-there's very little emoting from the characters. Bruce and Betty's relationship is on hiatus because he is unable to feel. Betty's relationship with her father, General Ross, is stereotypical and one-dimensional. Their back and forth dialogue quickly becomes repetitive. And Ross's unwavering pursuit of the HULK seems to come out of nowhere. Talbot, who is interested in Betty, is a greedy businessman and David Banner, Bruce's long-absent father, is the mad scientist.There are two major flaws with the movie. The first is the entire subplot about Bruce Banner's father. It's needless and very unclear. He's given as the reason for Bruce's inner rage, having done something terrible in the past that Bruce has blocked out of his mind. It's used as an excuse to allow Bruce to get angry, rather than just being angry about everyday things. The father is responsible for some mutated gene in his son, but what the gene does, other than allow him to survive gamma radiation, is left unclear. And the father basically transforms into the Absorbing Man by the end of the movie. Where did that come from? They should have left the father out and put in a regular, straight-forward villain like The Leader or The Gargoyle.The second problem with the movie is Bruce's transformation into the Hulk. If the Hulk represents all of Bruce's pent up emotions unleashed, then there should be this great sense of freedom, this catharsis that's conveyed to the audience. Remember when SUPERMAN came out with the tag line 'You'll believe a man can fly'? Well, this should have been done with the green giant. There's no joy in this.And that left very little of this movie to enjoy.
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