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Hydra (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Hydra (2009) The story begins on a volcanic island where an archeological team, headed by a woman archeologist Dr. Valerie Cammon, believe they have uncovered a lost temple of Zeus. This is also where the Sword of Hercules is supposed to be hidden. So this immediately makes me think that 1) The volcano will explode by the end of the movie and 2) the Sword will be necessary to destroy the title monster. Then, the creature appears, a three-headed snake-like monstrosity.

After the lengthy title sequence which has a theme song that sounds like a James Bond movie tune without the lyrics, the movie goes to a ship transporting four rich hunters along with four kidnapped prisoners. This is for a "Most Dangerous Game" scenario in which the hunters will try to kill these people. But the captain can't find the island they are supposed to go to so an alternate one is found, which of course happens to be the Hydra island. A lookout party is sent out to scout the island and they are immediately killed by the creature, which we see can regenerate its heads.

The prisoners are given a day's head start before the hunters go after them. They run into Dr. Cammon, who has somehow survived for the past two months. She tells the leader of the group, an ex-special ops guy, that the only way to destroy the beast is to recover the Sword of Hercules, which is kept deep within a cave. Of course, he manages to get it and hacks off the heads.

As computer-generated giant monster movies go this is okay. The death scenes are gory, especially when the monster's heads are fighting over a human morsel. But the stock shots of a tropical island don't quite match up with them running around on the island, which looks like woods in California. In one scene you can even see the actors' breath when they are breathing, which means it was pretty cold wherever they were shooting. I wouldn't say this movie is heads above the rest but it's entertaining enough.

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