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I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013)
Movie Review by The Mortician

I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013) Well, looks like the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE movies are going franchise on us! You either love or hate these movies, and those of us who do endure these flicks (like me) usually like the REVENGE OF THE WOMAN parts the best---that's what we wait for, when the sick rapists get their comeuppance (er, pun intended there for THIS balls-to-the-walls series, folks!) The original I SPIT is a rape-revenge classic, of course, and I thought the remake was a brutal, worthy follow-up. [Oh man, that fish hook scene! And that shotgun sequence to the crooked cop! They still burn in my mind.] I watched the sequel here in the same manner that I did with the first two---in small doses, as the first hour of rape and abuse to the poor victim is an absolute ordeal to sit through, especially in this one. But when the DAY OF THE WOMAN'S REVENGE comes...it's awesome! It's a new character this time, Katie, an actress/model in New York looking to update her portfolio of pictures. She gets the number of a photographer that will do it for free if he can use the pictures in his ads, and makes an appointment. The photo session goes bad, with the sleazy Euro photographer trying to get Katie to disrobe for the pics and she smartly flees. Later, the photographer's slightly slow brother tracks Katie down to her apartment, brutally rapes her and kills a neighbor that tries to help. Slow Boy calls his friends (brother Photographer included) and they have to clean up the mess---raping poor Katie again, filling her up with drugs, and then shipping her off to homeland Bulgaria in a large case where she is molested AGAIN by some dude that may be their FATHER! In this plotting, I think they overdid it, and the Daddy character that rapes her this SECOND time (with a black cattle prod nonetheless) is especially nasty. Katy escapes, goes to the police in a foreign land, and is "rescued" by a woman who supposedly helps rape crisis victims...who then [implausibly] takes her right back to the crazy rapist brothers! This just happens to be their MOM or something. [Okay, suspension of disbelief, hyper-realism, whatever...] This time the baddies bury the poor girl alive and decide to stay in their homeland because "the heat will be on in New York." From there, battered Katy manages to get out of her predicament after a prayer said to God in her makeshift casket, asking for help. Katy ends up at a church with a helpful priest (thank God he didn't turn out to be another rapist, in this series---you never know!) and he loans her a Bible. She obsesses over the "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord" verse in the Good Book and decides to go after all those responsible for her rape and goes after them one-by-one, Hostel style. This time there's slicing and dicing, electrocutions, pulling appendages off bodies with pliers (that nipple scene----oooooooooouch!), and a scene with a vise that'll make you squirm and look away whether you're male or female. You get the idea. The cop that inadvertently gave her over to the Crazy Mom social worker is hot on her trail when he gets when of what's going down, and the ending is pretty satisfactory. If you like the rape-revenge movie sub-genre, well, you'll more than likely dig this movie. It dishes out everything you expect it to, and actually quite a bit more. Lead actress Jemma Dallender is attractive and looks great naked, although the scenes where she's nude are not erotic at all. When she comes back for revenge, she does a great job becoming one with the rage she feels and you do buy it. So in this installment, you're in for a treat with the last act of REVENGE. The wintertime and Bulgarian setting give this movie a HOSTEL like feel, and that makes it a little different as well. So seek this one out if you're a fan of the rape-revenge-exploitation sub-genre in horror. All others- beware! This is some sick stuff! I think they should make a few more of these with different leads, then do a movie where they all team up like THE EXPENDABLES and go after all the sick rapists across the globe! Franchise! More please! Remake director Steven R. Monroe returns (and he must be proud of this sick pup, his name is highlighted in a box on the packaging!) and series creator Meir Zarchi (director of the original '78 version) is an executive producer.

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