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I Spit On Your Grave: Vengeance Is Mine (2015)
Movie Review by The Mortician

I Spit On Your Grave: Vengeance Is Mine (2015) This has become an unlikely but fun franchise, and I hope it keeps going! I SPIT 3 has been sadly underrated in most places, it's really a great, fun film! This one is a direct sequel to the original remake, and Sarah Butler returns to play Jennifer Hills, the gal who was repeatedly raped by some thugs on vacation and killed them all in retribution. Sarah has made it back to the big city and is trying to adjust, but she has rage problems and murderous impulses (via cool fantasy kills) that just won't stop. She's very much like a female DEXTER, trying to find herself. She's got a dead-end job and is seeing a shrink, and also attending group therapy with other rape victims. Here she meets a friend with common interests and problems, and together, they decide to go after a few rapists that are hurting people in the group---they start with beating up a teenager's stepdad who is accosting her, and they really beat the tar out of him and threaten to kill him if his actions continue. Of course, this attracts the attention of police but things go haywire for Jennifer when her new friend is killed (and raped) by her ex-boyfriend. The anger inside her boils to the top and she decides to once again exact revenge on those horribly maligned males that can do nothing but rape women. So Jennifer goes after the bad guys again, kind of Ms. 45 style, dressing up in schoolgirl uniforms and more to lure them out. There's some awesome gory setpieces here, and a spectacular blowjob castration scene that will make most males turn away and cringe in horror and another sequence where Jennifer goes after a repeat offender and rapes him with a large steel pipe...and a sledgehammer! This scene is particularly graphic and made me turn away several times, just like the classic remake...Sarah Butler is awesome as Jennifer, and as I mentioned, this round sees her more in a DEXTER, DEATH WISH or MS. 45 zone going after the bad guys with a vengeance. After what she's been through and what she witnesses in the support group, we definitely find ourselves rooting for her! However, she cannot control her rage and by the end of the movie, it's completely out of control as she goes over that fine line of justice and into murdering because she's a maniac! The "good cop with the heart of gold" cliche is in here, and that part doesn't work so well, but I found I SPIT 3 to be very satisfying, solid, and most entertaining. Not sure where they can take things from here, but I really like the DEXTER approach. Maybe in Part IV Jennifer can get married and her husband gets raped and she has to go after the perps, a'la Charles Bronson? The I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE franchise is getting quite large, for those keeping track- there's the original film, the unauthorized video sequel made by filmmaker Donald Farmer (called SAVAGE VENGEANCE and starring Camille Keaton), then there was the remake with Sarah Butler, a stand-alone sequel with new characters, this third entry with Sarah Butler continuing the story of the remake, and coming up, yet another sequel to the original 1978 film starring Camille Keaton! So...keep up with all this, folks, and enjoy this wild and crazy franchise!

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