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Incredible Hulk, The (2008)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Incredible Hulk, The (2008) This more than makes up for the first HULK theatrical movie, basically forgetting that it happened and starting from the beginning. During the title credits we see Bruce Banner exposing himself to gamma rays in his lab and how he injures Betty Ross and General Ross in the process.

Now, Banner is hiding away in Brazil, trying to keep the Hulk from resurfacing by practicing various sorts of meditation. He's in correspondence with another scientist who may have a cure for his condition.

General Ross (William Hurt) eventually tracks him down in Brazil and Banner flees back to where he considers home, the college where he was a scientist at in Virginia. There he runs back into Betty (Liv Tyler) , who doesn't want to let him go. They both have very strong feeling for one another but he fears he'll endanger her.

Ross, meanwhile, is doing experiments on a gung-ho soldier named Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), who craves the same physical power the Hulk has. But because he's taking two different kinds of treatments he ends up turning into a much worse monster, The Abomination. In the end they have to rely on the Hulk to stop him.

This movie has much more in common with the television show, even having cameos by Lou Ferrigno and the character Jack McGee. The TV theme also pops up and the famous line, "Don't make me angry....".

They also did something I've been waiting for these Marvel franchises to do....they've crossed over with another Marvel character, this time Tony Stark, aka IRON MAN, who mentions he's putting together "a team". Does this mean there's an upcoming


THE INCREDIBLE HULK is one of the best Marvel comic character to film adaptations to date.

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