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Interstellar (2014)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Interstellar (2014) For some unexplained reason all the crops on Earth are dying. A former astronaut named Cooper is now a rural farmer, because everyone now needs to grow food. He gets involved with a group of scientists who have discovered a wormhole near Jupiter--and recruit him to go an explore it with two others, Brand and Doyle. They believe there are a bunch of earth-like planets on the other side and need to find a new home for humanity. Oh, there's also this weird robot that seem like he was created in the 1960's.

The movie has some good visuals, such as the water planet and the planet with the floating mountains, but visuals are not enough to overcome the plot-hole ridden script. After all, why not simply try to fix the problem on earth since it was probably caused by people to begin with? Why did the wormhole open near Jupiter and not closer to Earth (considering who created the wormhole)? And how is it that Cooper, when he's in this other dimension, has to communicate with his young daughter in such a convoluted way. More importantly, how does he know where all the books are in his home library? All these things distracted me from the rest of this overlong movie.

Why didn't I like INTERSTELLAR? Simple--I've seen a few other science-fiction movies. In fact, I think any other film that has dealt with the end of the world is better than this blow-hard "epic".

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