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Jupiter Ascending (2015)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Jupiter Ascending (2015) Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) is the daughter of a Ukrainian immigrant who cleans buildings--and toilets--for a living. She wishes she had a different life. Her wish comes true when she's nearly killed by grey aliens and rescued by Caine Wise (Channing Tatum), a soldier who was sent to rescue her. His employer is Titus, one of three siblings who basically rule the universe. He explains to her that humans originated from the planet Oris over a billion years ago and since then have seeded thousands of planets across the galaxies. He also tells her that he's a "splice", which mean he has some of the genetics of a wolf, as is evident by his pointed ears and large canines. Basically, he's a wolfman. She agrees to leave earth and eventually meets all three ruling siblings, each worse than the other. The reason everyone is so interested in her is that she's the exact genetic duplicate of their mother. She's not a clone but a recurrence, basically their version of reincarnation. There are so many billions of people that have existed that repetitions of the genetic code occur. Because of this, she could now be the new ruler--and her "children" don't want that. You see, they run a huge business that harvest planets. Once the human population gets to the point where the planet can't support them they harvest it--killing everyone and condensing them down into a clear liquid, which extends life and allows the rich people to live for thousands and thousands of years, like vampires.

While I loved this premise and the film has some great visual effects, particularly how Caine gets around on his gravity boots, the Jupiter Jones character is none too bright. Rather than kill the bad guys when she can, she walks away--which means she'll be kidnapped and Caine has to again rescue her. This got tiresome the third time. I was bored. However, there's enough going for this science-fiction film that makes it worth checking out. JUPITER ASCENDING is worth checking out.

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