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Killer Buzz (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Killer Buzz (2003) Sub-par killer bee movie that borders on the ridiculous. There are far too many things wrong with this movie to list so I'll just talk about the biggest ones... The story is about oil companies destroying the rain forest and the indian tribe that is trying to stop them. When the tribe attacks, during a time a reporter (Gabrielle Anwar of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1990) is doing a story, we see that none of the indians look like each other. Their height, skin color and hair are all different, which means that they got about any 'extra' they could. In reality, they'd all be the same stature, have the same hairstyle and look alike, as these reclusive tribes don't genetically mix with other people. It all cheapens the movie.There is also a military group, led by Rutger Hauer (BLOOD OF HEROES, BLADE RUNNER) which is experimenting with a new strain of killer bees. At one point the reporter is shot and almost killed by the bees-but is saved by those local indians and given an antidote to the bee venom. We next see her in a hospital, where she's miraculously recovered from her wound. It has all but healed. Is it because of the bees or the antidote? A local scientist/doctor (David McNaughton of AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON) sees all of this -and when he comes across one of the military's bee hives, steals it and takes it aboard a plane bound for New York City. He think's he'll make his fortune. Unfortunately the bees get loose on the plane and start stinging passengers.Also on board is the reporters soon-to-be-divorced husband (Craig Scheffer of NIGHTBREED), who ultimately becomes the reluctant hero.Okay. The military outfit run by Rutger Hauer is as unconvincing as that indian tribe. Just a bunch of extras thrown together. The lead actors more or less sleep through their lines, probably wondering what they had gotten themselves into. And the killer bees are almost an afterthought-and they appear very much as computer special effects.So many different things are going on, none of them interesting, that you even forget this is supposed to be a killer animal movie.
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